Our Vision

We believe that God lovingly calls us into life in all its fullness in Jesus Christ (John 10:10).

We are seeking to become a community which celebrates the joy of this promise.
It’s all about: Loving God and Loving Life!

Our mission is another way of expressing our commitment to the two Great Commandments and the Great Commission:

  • To immerse ourselves ever deeper in the life and love of God
  • To share the life and love of God generously with others

Our three strategic priorities are:

1. Discipleship
We want to make confident, prayerful disciples. We want to become missionary disciples: life-long learners of Jesus, accepting his radical call on our lives, motivated and equipped to make new disciples. We will seek to make discipleship our first priority in everything we do.
2. Younger Generations

We want to reach more children, families and young people and increase the numbers finding faith, becoming disciples and attending church. We want to grow as disciples of Jesus by sharing life together in meaningful ways - not only in Sunday gatherings. We will seek to build intergenerational relationships and communities which foster belonging and enable everyone to grow in faith and use their gifts.

3. Mission & Evangelism

We want to reach out to those who would never normally attend a church and help them find faith. We want to look outwards, exploring new ways of meeting and serving people in our local neighbourhood, drawing them into community where they can learn to be disciples. We will seek to create a strong church for identity, leadership and equipping, but intentionally release people to share the gospel and create Fresh Expressions of Church.