Friday Night Youth Club

This group meets fortnightly on a Friday evening from 7-8:30pm and is for young people aged 10-14 (years 6-9 in school, with those in year 10 and above having the opportunity to join in as Junior Leaders) 

Each Friday night will focus on ONE SINGLE ACTIVITY. We are very excited to be providing these different evenings, and hope that the variety will appeal to young people and leaders alike! Everyone who attends will be expected to fully take part in that evenings activity. There will not be the option to hang out in a different part of the church building: If your child does not wish to take part in a specific activity, they have the option not to come. 

This means that this new group will look and feel very different from Clubnight, but we hope that our energies and enthusiasm will encourage participation. If all goes well and we have a positive response this term, we will be asking the young people for ideas for activity nights in the new year! 

Please download and complete the new parental consent form. Please fill this in and return it, as any young person without this form will not be able to attend our evenings activities.

We are so excited about this new group, the adventure and new ideas that will come from it. And we hope that your child will also enjoy the variety and challenges that come from these evenings! 

For more information please contact Abbie Edwards at